29 September

Bajrache trail

Bajrache Trail is a mountain race that starts in the village of Elshani and traces its path to Korita picnic spot. From here, the path climbs to its highest point – the Lako Signoj peak, which will leave you speechless. Then the path continues to the next peak Bajrache. Runners will have the opportunity to navigate along beautiful paths going down the western side of the Galichica mountain, with a triumphant finish in the village of Peshtani.



Bajrache trail

  1. Technical T-shirt
  2. Medal – finisher
  3. Starting number
  4. Refreshments and food
  5. Gifts from sponsors

Peshtani Extreme Vertical races will have early and regular registration. The price of Bajrache trail for early registration is 20€ and for regular registration is 25€. In addition to registering for one of the races, the runners can also register to run in both races, for which there is a discount. You can do that by registering for the Combined trail (Vertical 5km + Bajrache trail). The deadline for early registration is 30.04.2024, while the deadline for registrations for all races is 21.09.2024 (if the predicted number is not filled).

By paying the registration fee, each competitor receives a starting package. A refund of the paid registration fee is made only in case of cancellation of the race due to the fault of the organizer. For all other reasons (force majeure) over which the Organizer has no jurisdiction, and which may lead to the cancellation of the race, funds will not be refunded.

Registration of competitors who have been suspended for doping in any sport will not be accepted.



This year the event will be richer with another race, Bajrache trail. The race intertwines through the most picturesque parts of the mountain, revealing new untouched paths that show a beautiful view of Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. Starting from the village of Elshani nestled on the slopes of Galichica mountain at about 900 meters above sea level the path moves near the villages of Peshtani in the south and climbs through the picnic area of Korita to the peaks of Lako Signoj 1984 meters above sea level and Bajrache 1924 meters above the sea. Then the path descends along the western slopes of Galichica mountain to the village of Elshani and heads to the finish line in the village of Peshtani.

The pick-up of the starter packages will be on the beach itself, about 50 meters from the center of the village Peshtani. The exact time for the expo and the start of the races will be determined further.


Registered runners


1400m elevation (positive denivelation).


The average positive slope of the race is 6.4%.


The length of the path is 22 km.


The starting point, that is, the village of Elshani is 880 meters above sea level. The highest point of the race, Lako Signoj peak, is 1984 meters above sea level. The finish line is in the village of Peshtani and is 700 meters above sea level.


  • Awards
  • Refreshment stations

Awards will be awarded for the first 3 places, both in the women’s and in the men’s competition. First-place winners will be awarded with rich gifts (goods prizes) provided by our sponsors.

Refreshment stations