What is kids’ athletics?

Interesting, creative, and attractive training course organized through play, where kids learn the proper technique of running, jumping, and throwing, as well as develop basic motor skills – speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and balance, improve sports culture and gain self-confidence and healthy work habits, all through fun and play with peers.

Kids’ athletics improves evenly the
physical abilities of the whole body

The exercises improve physical abilities such as strength, speed, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. There is no need for the previous specialization in certain disciplines, so kıd athletics is a great choice for the proper and versatile psychophysical development of the kid.

Discipline, working habits, and personal
responsibility are developing

Most of the competitions in athletics are individual, each competitor competes in their own athletic discipline, it develops kids’ personal responsibility for their own result and thus acquires greater responsibility every day.


Athletics is a particularly inclusive sport. Boys and girls train together, have the same coach, and compete on the same occasion. They are given equal opportunities and platforms to participate, whether for fun or for the elite.

It’s fun

Myth is that athletics is an individual sport. From minors to seniors, training is usually in groups where they socialize, motivate and support constantly. Every club is a family and every competition is a new chance to make new friends.

Athletics is the foundation of all sports and that is why its second name is the Queen of Sports. There are no losers in it, everyone is a winner, someone with a result, someone with their participation, someone with acquired habits, someone with acquired friendships.

Dear parents, encourage your kids and Be a part of our kids’ athletics, we promise you great commitment, creativity, and a lot of positive energy.