28-29 September

Combined trail

By registering for the Combined trail, you become a participant in both races, Vertical 5km and Barjache trail. The combined trail (Peshtani vertical 5km + Bajrache trail) represents a sum of the results of Peshtani vertical 5km and Bajrache trail. Points are scored using a point scale and that’s how the winner in both races is decided.



Combined trail

  1. Technical T-shirt
  2. Bandana
  3. Medal – finisher x2
  4. Starting number x2
  5. Refreshments and food
  6. Gifts from sponsors

The races will have early and regular registration. The price of the Combined trail (Vertical 5km + Barjache trail) for early registration is 33€, and for regular registration, it is 43€. The deadline for early registration is 30.04.2024, while the deadline for registrations for all races is 21.09.2024 (if the predicted number is not filled).

By paying the registration fee, each competitor receives a starting package. A refund of the paid registration fee is made only in case of cancellation of the race due to the fault of the organizer. For all other reasons (force majeure) over which the Organizer has no jurisdiction, and which may lead to the cancellation of the race, funds will not be refunded.

Registration of competitors who have been suspended for doping in any sport will not be accepted.



The pick-up of the starter packages will be on the beach itself, about 50 meters from the center of village Peshtani. The exact time for the expo and the start of the races will be determined further.


Registered runners Vertical 5km

Registered runners Bajrache Trail


  • Awards
  • Refreshment stations

Awards are planned for the top three in the male and female categories who will participate in both races (Combined Trail). For a victory in any race, the participant wins 100 points, each lower position carries 10 points less, that is:

1st place = 100 points
2nd place = 90 points
3rd place = 80 points
4th place = 70 points
5th place = 60 points
6th place = 50 points
7th place = 40 points
8th place = 30 points
9th place = 20 points
10th place = 10 points
11th place = 0 points

In case of the same number of points of the competitors, the winner is the one who achieved a lower total time of the two races.

The awards for the best are as follows:
1st place = 12,000 mkd
2nd place = 9,000 mkd
3rd place = 6,000 mkd

In addition to cash awards for the winners, there will be rich gifts (goods prizes) provided by our sponsors.

Refreshment stations