For Peshtani

The village wider area has been inhabited ever since the Bronze Age – we have the reconstructed pile-dwelling settlement Bay of Bones with its “Museum on Water”. It is assumed that the village was once located in the Gorno Selo area on the north-eastern side. There is a place of finding called Staro Selo where remains of Middle Age buildings and everyday objects were found. Gradishte (or Holy Mother of God) hill is located 2 kilometres southern of Peshtani. Rock remains of a fortress can be found there. In the 19th century, Peshtani village was part of the Ottoman Empire. Today, people here don’t engage in specific agricultural activities; the village became a tourist and fishing settlement. Up until World War II, local people mainly were occupied with fishing, timber sale in Ohrid, and goat farming. However, changes occured after the war. Tourism became more and more essential, while other activities became less and less important. Hotel “Desaret” as well as two camping sites were built. With the industrialisation of Ohrid, many people got employed there too. Peshtani residents today focus on developing tourism and other related industries. Service industries are well developed: trade, gastronomy, and traffic. New private accomodations, as well as private hotels, are being built.

Song for Peshtani

Men in Peshtani lack only a vertical mountain trail for runners to climb,
They’re organizing a trail run, it will be worth your time,
Their voices are heard mid-village while filling the woods with a roaring sound.
That this event on the trail run map must be found,
It will be grand and known worldwide
And that’s why they want support – don’t you dare hide!
And now, if everything goes as planned, we’ll extend our stay.
They might serve some fried fish and in world ranks they’ll slay.

How do I get to Pestani?

If you want to use public transport to get to Peshtani, you can find the schedule of bus lines below.


Ohrid – Peshtani – Ohrid

Company AD Galeb

Ohrid – Peshtani Peshtani – Ohrid
04:45AM 05:05AM
05:20AM 05:55AM
06:20AM 06:55AM
07:20AM 08:15AM
10:00AM 10:20AM
11:00AM 11:20AM
12:15PM 12:45PM
01:20PM 01:45PM
03:20PM 03:40PM
04:30PM 04:55PM
07:20PM 07:40PM
09:30PM 09:50PM
10:30PM 10:50PM

Company Pupe Company (last stop St. Naum)

Ohrid – Peshtani Peshtani – Ohrid
05:15AM 06:05AM (only from Monday to Friday)
06:20AM 07:25AM
08:25AM 09:35AM
11:25AM 12:35PM
01:25PM 02:35PM
03:25PM 04:35PM
06:25PM 07:35PM
08:25PM 09:15PM (only from Monday to Friday)