RACE 5K – Race for recreational runners

SUNDAY, 30 AUGUST 2020 – 08:15h

The 5 km race is a recreational race that is designed for all ages, and which main purpose is friendship, fun, affirmation of messages and goals, as well as promotion of running among the youngest population and a healthy lifestyle. One round is run through the streets of Ohrid as described on the map.

  • Starting Packet
  • Registration fee
  • A reward fund
  • Rules
  • T-shirt with the race logo
  • Medal at the end of the race
  • Backpack
  • Personalized photos enabled by Pic2Go
  • Start number with a chip (for registration completed by 20 August 2020, 23:59h. Your name from the application will be printed on the starting number)
  • Refreshments and fruits
  • Online degree
  • A gift from the partners of the race
  • Insurance during the race
  • Discount by the partners

to 31 December 2019 to 29 February 2020 to 23 August 2020
7 Eur 9 Eur 11 Eur

Note: Registration closes on August 23, 2020, at 23:59. For registration after closing, the fee is 17 Eur for 5km and 35 Eur for 21km, and in this case, the applicant receives only a starting number with a chip, no T-shirt, and additional things. This would be possible if there are numbers left.

The first 3 places of the 5km race (men and women) will be awarded with: medal, a diploma, a bouquet of flowers, a gift from our friends FitLab and Kares, a gift from our partner Asics, and a gift from our friend Eurofarm.

All citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and foreign citizens of both sexes have the right to participate in the 5000 meters race, under the following conditions:

– all ages

The races will take place in accordance with the rules for road and marathon running of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) and the Athletic Federation of Macedonia (AFM).

Participants of the races are responsible themselves for their own health and psycho-physical condition. It is forbidden to use roller skateboards, bicycles, and other means of transport.

Note: The organizer is not responsible for the loss or lack of precious objects and jewelry. It is forbidden to use roller skateboards, bicycles, and other means of transport.

The application becomes valid after the payment of the participation fee. The registration can be completed before the scheduled deadline (23 August 2020) if the number of planned participants is completed. The organizer reserves the right to change the contents of the starting package.

Registration and online payment can be made through our site. After the online payment, on the email address that is left in your application, within few minutes you will receive a message for a successful application that will also indicate your starting number. For payment through a payment card, you will receive confirmation of payment within a few days (depending on when we receive the payment on our bank account).



  • 1. Dimitar PETROVSKI18:54
  • 2. Grigorijan NIKOVSKI19:37
  • 3. Kristijan STOJANI19:38
  • 4. Kristijan NAUMOVSKI19:49
  • 5. Nikola KUTANOSKI20:01

  • 1. Bojana NAUMOVSKA23:29
  • 2. Elena DANILOVSKA23:34
  • 3. Ejona CUFE24:37
  • 4. Nikolina MILEVSKA VELJANOVSKA25:38
  • 5. Shpresa SPAHIU26:51