Terms and Conditions – Peshtani Extreme Vertical

Terms and Conditions of Participation:

Each participant has to be aware of the race difficulty and its exceptional nature. The race is relatively short and intensive, and each participant needs to be in a good physical condition. Also, the participants need to be prepared to handle problems characteristic for this kind of race, as well as:

  • Be aware that personal safety in the mountains largely depends on the ability to adapt and accommodate when facing various problems;
  • Have a very well overview of the route;
  • Know that the race has segments with fixed ropes used to ease the climb;
  • Keep to the route given by the Organiser;
  • In case of quitting, the runner is obliged to follow the Organiser’s instructions and get back to the start point;
  • In case of falling rocks, every runner is obliged to warn runners nearby about the possible danger;
  • One mustn’t run with another participant’s start number;
  • Overtaking other runners is possible only at suitable points; there are many along the route, but in some places it is dangerous and impossible;
  • One mustn’t use earphones/headphones and other similar devices;
  • One mustn’t use hiking sticks (running sticks) throughout the whole race;
  • The time limit to finish the race is 3 hours.

Besides individual participation, team participation is also an option.

  • When filling in the online registration form for each participant, in the “Club/Team Building” field one needs to populate the name of their team or should choose one of the teams already offered (make sure to check – maybe one of your teammates has already added the team name).
  • IMPORTANT! The team name must be spelled using the Latin alphabet (due to the data processing system) and it must be identical for every member of the same team because the system will not be able to recognise if you’re part of the same team otherwise. For example, if your team name is “Ohrid trcaT”, then each team member should choose the name “Ohrid trcaT” when registering.
  • If you want your team to be ranked, then your team should consist of at least 3 members. There is no limit for maximum number of runners per team; e.g., if there are 8 runners per team, only the best three times will be taken into consideration when ranking.
  • Ranking will be conducted in two categories (men/women).
  • The same participant is not allowed to be part of two teams; in that case, that participant will be disqualified from team ranking.

Terms of registration:

The race is open for all of the participants who are 16 (or above) years of age on the race date. The runners younger than 18 need to provide a declaration of agreement to participate by one of their parents/legal guardians when picking up the starter pack.

In case of emergency, bad weather conditions, or any other circumstances that could affect the safety of the participants, the Organiser has the right to change the route and the race start time, in order to increase the runners’ safety.

Care for the Environment – Penalties – Disqualification

Galichica National Park, recognised for its rich and rare nature and exceptional beauty, got its status in 1958 in order to preserve the flora and fauna and the natural look of Galichica Mountain. Around 2/3 of the park are part of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region, on the list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

The race is taking place in the heart of Galichica National Park, thus the participants comply with respecting/taking care of the environment and natural areas through which they pass, especially:

  • It is strictly forbidden to throw any kind of litter/garbage along the track;
  • Participants must retain their garbage and other used packages within themselves until they return in Peshtani village where they’ll be able to throw it in suitable trash bins;
  • The Organiser has engaged a team that will go over the whole track after the race finishes to ensure it is clean;
  • The participants who won’t respect the stated terms will be disqualified;

Every member of the Organisation is entitled to follow and conduct these terms.

Photo Credentials:

All participants exclusively give out the rights for this event’s photos to the Organiser. The organiser will have hired photographers who will be positioned at the start, during the course and at the finish of the course.

Safety and medical help:

Every participant needs to be aware of the risks that accompany this kind of races. In order to ensure complete safety, the Organiser, in collaboration with the Mountain Rescue Service, will make sure a large portion of the route to be covered by the Rescue Service themselves.

Every participant who finds themselves in a more problematic situation or is severely injured, can seek help:

  • At the telephone number printed on the Start Number (13 112);
  • Ask for help from another competitor;
  • Ask another competitor to call for help on their behalf.

All of the runners are obliged to help other participants in danger or faced with a serious problem, and they must call for emergency immediately.

Don’t forget that these unexpected events happening in this kind of circumstances can make you wait for help longer than expected; therefore, your safety also depends on whatever equipment you decided to carry with you.

The team of rescuers and doctors, as well as the official representatives assigned by the Organiser, are entitled to withdraw any participant they consider unfit to continue racing.

All of the participants that don’t follow the marked route are no longer under the Organiser’s safety supervision.