2022 May

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination, a new normal that has evolved from generation.

May 31, 2022
5 days dear runners!
Runner pass for every half-marathon and half-marathon relay runner.
Use them and learn a lot about our Ohrid tradition and history and when you get thirsty or hungry use them for trying the best food and drinks that Ohrid can offer to you.
Ohrid for you, dear runners!



May 30, 2022
6 days dear runners!
We have for you a fantastic weekend, 3 days filled with a lot of positive energy, all day every day, you need just to come on Friday and be ready to run, have fun and enjoy OHRID.


May 29, 2022
7 days dear runners!
This year we have special people to help you run better and easier.
To achieve that we have a mix of good people and organizations (local, national and international) for this year’s refreshment stations.




May 28, 2022
We share the map of the night race track. Very simple, you just need to stick to the lake.
One moment you need to remember, you need to go to the big Macedonian flag at the port, circle it and go back through Kej Macedonia to the finish line.
Remember this is a fun race, walk, without competitive nature so enjoy those 2 kilometers and save energy for the crazy night-pasta party that follows right after the race.



May 28, 2022

8 days dear runners!

Special announcement for running influencers!
Traditionally we have for you the best picture sharing tool Pic2Go Macedonia
So, be careful with the place on your t-shirt for your starting number.
To give you as many photos as possible, put the starting number in front and in the part of your stomach.


May 27, 2022
9 days dear runners!
We have three starting numbers for you. Three races with three starting numbers in three different colors!
Each starting number has its own boss so respect the starting number and in that way, you will respect us and every runner or running team next to you. Do sport, not games!



May 26, 2022
10 days are remaining for our running friends!
Three races, three lovely finisher medals, YOU just need to cross the finish line.
Design by Darko Taleski.
Motive, Church of St. Jovan at Kaneo our symbol of Ohrid ❤️❤️❤️