2022 June

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination, a new normal that has evolved from generation.

June 19, 2022
We are ready for a new sports tradition for kids, athletics, and our beautiful region.
Thanks for the support of the Western Balkans Fund co-funded by the European Union which gave us a great start and especially that their support allowed us to have participants from neighboring countries, Albania and Serbia from the first year, which is fantastic!
Social activities, mountain tours, workshops, training, athletic event, gifts, new friendships, night cruising, sightseeing of the old city of Ohrid, beach.


June 19, 2022
With great pleasure, yesterday at the Europe House Skopje, we have our closing activity regarding the project EU with YOU Kids Run – Run and BE GREEN!
Kids workshop for the EU values and green strategy.
Thank’s to the Delegation of the European Union, Skopje, and @Europe House Skopje for the support of the project where our main activity was Ohrid trcaT Kids run.


June 5, 2022
Success is best when it’s shared!
We present you the winners of the team building players of 21K and 5K races and the winners of the half-marathon relay!
🥇1st place – 21K women team building
👉NRC NIKE+Run Club
⏳Time: 07:44:49
🥇1st place – 21K men team building
⏳Time: 05:06:42
🥇1st place – 5K women team building
⏳Time: 01:42:44
🥇1st place – 5K men team building
⏳Time: 01:26:43
🥇1st place – 21K women RELAY
⏳Time: 01:43:35
🥇1st place – 21K men RELAY
⏳Time: 01:17:47
👏 Congratulations to the winners and all team participants on Ohrid Running Weekend 2022!








June 5, 2022
💙 Today was the day of Ohrid Running Weekend 2022! Ohrid streets were filled with amazing runners but only the fastest are the winners!
🥇1st place – 21K women
👉Adrijana Pop Arsova
⏳Time: 01:22:34
🥇1st place – 21K men
👉Dario Ivanovski
⏳Time: 01:08:03
🥇1st place – 5K women
👉Jana Stefanovska
⏳Time: 21:20
🥇1st place – 5K men
👉Kristijan Naumovski
⏳Time: 16:45
👏 Congratulations to the winners and all participants on Ohrid Running Weekend 2022!