StretchWell – Serbia is coming to Ohrid Running Weekend 2022!

May 22, 2022
You will have exclusive opportunity during the hole weekend the first stretching center in our area, with their all team from Belgrade, to help you prepare better before the race, and recover more efficiently after the race.
For all three days our stretchwell therapists will be available for everyone to try out their 1 on 1 stretching metod, and educate everyone about the importance and benefits of stretching itself. In addition to 1 on 1 stretches with therapists, all runners will be able to try out the group flexibility training!
Dear RUNNERS, reduce the risk of injuries, improve mobility and eliminate muscle tension to move and run as easily as possible.
Stay with us for more information in the next few days about the location and the time for STRETCHING!
Thank you our friends from Serbia!