As much as you prepare for running, that much you should prepare for a party!

May 25, 2023
Трчањето без музика не одиТ така што колку да се спремате за трчање да си се спремате и за журкањееееее 🤩🤩🤩
Старт/финиш зона, само за Вас ДЏ Vanco Jovanoski и Vladimir Teo Nestoroski со #MoodFellas 💪💪💪
Running without music doesn’t work, so as much as you prepare for running, you should also prepare for partying 🤩🤩🤩

Start/finish zone, just for you DJ Vanco Jovanoski and Vladimir Teo Nestoroski with #MoodFellas 💪💪💪